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Real Estate Marketing

We help you sell your development in record time through proven inbound marketing and inbound sales strategies for the real estate industry.

What is the real estate marketing service?

It is a series of inbound marketing and inbound sales strategies specifically designed and tested for each of the stages of the purchase process that your buyers have. attraction of qualified leads, training and enablement of the sales team, even post-sale strategies to generate repurchases among your current customers. Are you ready to grow?

Main advantages

advantages of inbound real estate marketing
  • We generate top-qualified leads for your sales team exponentially, every month.
  • We increase the closing rate of your sales team with the help of software, data and proven methodologies for it.
  • We unify the efforts of your marketing and sales departments so that they are fully involved in the process.
  • We generate an intelligent analytics system that allows you to understand and calculate the ROI of your marketing and sales efforts.
  • We optimize all your investment in digital marketing to make sure that every penny is used correctly.
  • We accelerate the time in which you can move your developments to ensure the health and future of your next real estate projects.
  • We make your leads know everything about your product before the sales team contacts them to focus only on closings.

Who is the service for?

  • You have a sales force of at least 5 vendors who work exclusively with your developments, know your product well and have control of their activities.
  • The minimum ticket for each development sold is $2,500 USD and the total value of your project is at least $900,000 USD. The latter would represent your minimum stock available at the time of contacting us.
  • Tu desarrolladora debe tener la posibilidad de contar con una hierarchical structure as follows: commercial >manager project> leader real estate consultants.
  • Your sales team and managers involved must be willing and have the time to take a minimum of 30 minutes of training per day for the first 4 months (video calls, video tutorials, ebooks, among others).
  • You invest at least $5,000 USD per month in your area of ​​marketing and digital strategy.

real estate marketing inbound clients